How to expand the power of your mind

How often do we think about our brains? Do we ever stop and marvel at its astonishing powers and supreme capabilities? Or at the least just occasionally check in and give it a fire up from time to time? I’m sure that like majority’s answer, yours will also be no!

Your mind is growing every second as it exchanges and shuffles its molecules and atoms with the rest of the universe. In fact the mind you are using right now to read this article is not the same you woke up with or even had a few minutes ago.

As astonishing as it may sound, we only use 10% of our brain. Although Neuroplasticity, a new theory has proved that our brains can change with a little training and techniques. Your brain is like a muscle, you need to do brain workout regularly. The mind being intangible is capable of doing extraordinary and powerful affairs

Human mind power is infinite in its potential to create results that you long for, whatever they might be. With the exception of the limits and barriers you put on your mind, there are actually no other limits. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us utilizes our individual powers unconsciously and therefore perceive ourselves as powerless. We can actually use the other 90% unused unconscious part of our brain and improve the quality of our lives.

Reclaiming your real power, the extra ordinary things that you are programmed to do require nothing more than a choice; an intentional and conscious choice on your part. That choice can and will enable and empower you to create a life of limitless happiness and abundance that has always been accessible for you but due to a lack of awareness has eluded so many to date.

It is possible to create a life of passion, joy, harmony and fulfillment just by becoming conscious about your unconsciousness. The traditional and self-limiting schooling which so many of us have been exposed to have limited us throughout our lives. It is a willingness to look deeper than those traditionally established views. Try to discover that what appears unreal is actually real and true.


Boosting your mental capabilities doesn’t mean becoming an isolated book worm. There are a lot of techniques as well as modifications to your diet, lifestyle and behavior that can aid you to flex your grey matter and get the finest out your brain cells. Some of them are:

  • Play brain teaser games for 15 minutes per day
  • Critically observe other peoples actions, reactions and behavior
  • Through meditation you can increase your brain power by altering your consciousness to a higher level
  • Think critically and laterally
  • Think deeply and wonder. This will help expand your consciousness and your mind power.
  • It will engage your minds creativity and provides you some time to organize your thought.
  • Ban the calculator
  • Do light exercise or yoga daily
  • Remain vulnerable to as much input as possible
  • Do not shut down your feedback loop with rigid beliefs, judgments and prejudices.
  • Neurolinguistic programming. It is a psychological tool that increases your power over other people. It gives you a huge advantage when interacting with people. If you are an expert in NLP, you can even control and influence other people’s thoughts.
  • You can learn how to Project Yourself into your life here


“You willed yourself where you are today, so will yourself out of it”

Stephen Richards

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The Theory of Awesomeness Infographic