How to manifest wealth and success

You can achieve wealth and success no matter how hard or hopeless the situation may seem. By taking a personal (spiritual) approach to wealth creation, you can have all the wealth, abundance and success that you deserve in your life.

A spiritual force exists in and connects everything. This force is a part and parcel of your life, whether you apprehend it or not. This, my friends, isn’t a theory or philosophy. It is actually scientifically proven evidence backed up from research by most credible universities and dominant organizations like US Army. This force possesses great power which can allow us to unleash our true potential.

Much of the spiritual attraction process takes place on a deep unconscious level, our sub conscious. This subconscious influences and guides 90% of our lives and everyday action without us even knowing. The best part is that you can become aware and take authority of your subconscious.


However, most of us don’t possess the know-how of leveraging the power of this spiritual force to generate wealth and accelerate success. Our subconscious mind is always on the go and does not rest at any time of the day, regardless of your activity. Therefore if you want to get abundance in life, you need to start taking good care of your subconscious mind.

It’s high time we start harnessing the below described practical tips to aid you in living an abundant and successful life using your sub conscious.

  1. Set a clear goal of the amount of wealth you want to accumulate and the resulting lifestyle achieving this goal will attract. If you are unsure about what you want, you are unlikely to get good results from this spiritual force, because it does not deal very well with mixed or unclear messages.
  2. Frequently align your thoughts, emotions and visual mind with what you want to create. Sit in peaceful place and picture yourself accomplishing your financial aims. Imagine the joy and pride of holding that money in your hand and comfortably paying your dues, having a lot to invest and save, and having the freedom to do or buy things you have always wanted.

Getting control of your feelings is important since they are the voice that shouts at and tells the universe what you want to achieve in life.

  1. Start removing personal barriers/obstacles. Negative expectations, low self-esteem, hopelessness and doubts block the course of spiritual attraction. So you need to clear them out of your way if you are serious about attracting success and wealth.
  2. Gradually build your faith in this process. Of course you will want to attain success and abundance in a short period of time but it is better to take small steps. You would want this process to flow in such a way as to keep you on the track of success, rather than bringing about failure.

To conclude this, it is important to remember that we need to keep an open mind as to how abundance and success may show up in your life. They may not always be in the form of tangible money, but maybe in the form of opportunities. Make sure you look out for these opportunities and act appropriately.


“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”   Vidal Sassoon  


The easiest way to quickly activate your SuperConscious

Super consciousness is that state of awareness which we experience when our mind is in an uplifted and calm state. It is the secret mechanism at work behind our spiritual healing, physical healing, intuition and successful problem solving.

To turn on our super conscious we first need to accept that there is a higher and magical nature in all of us. Once that realisation hits us, the super conscious tends to unleash itself to you occasionally and at regular intervals in continual streams. That is when your life will become truly miraculous and magical and you will really know you are conscious.

Within the super conscious our mantram and mantra exists. Mantram is a vocalized or voiced instrument of thought whereas mantra is silent. Mantram being an instrument of thought can aid you to shape your life in your desired direction.

In order to utilize your mantrams in your advantage, you first need to understand the working of your super conscious mind. Your super conscious mind is like your eager and willing servant whom you give commands by way of your thought arrangements. It changes your thoughts which are pure energy into a physical shape in the material world.

When you have a thought about something, you issue a command to your super conscious mind. Your servant obeys you by manifesting those thoughts in the physical world where your thoughts become events and things in your life. Your physical reality therefore is a mirror of your thoughts.

You can use your Mantram to unify your thought patterns and bring them in sequence with your best and top most desires. Let’s see how you can utilize this instrument to trigger your super conscious.



What you first need to do is sit down and make a list of things you yearn for. Don’t bring judgments as you jot down your thoughts, just write down every desire that comes to your mind.

Now scrutinize your list carefully and question yourself what rewards or end result will these desires earn you. For example if you want a better job what you need to think of are the benefits of a better job, a better pay-scale maybe and the feeling of security it will bring along! Your expected reward should always be expressed in terms of feelings because material rewards are left behind while feelings remain with you forever.

The next step is to read all your desires and expected rewards two or three times and come up with a phrase to summarize everything. You’ll come to realize that all of your desires ultimately point to a single goal. Separate all your desires into different groups with a phrase to capsulize each. For example if you yearn for a better house, a new wardrobe and an expensive car, the central goal lying behind all these is prosperity and abundance.

Now put together all your fundamental goals into a brief statement or command. “I demand power, happiness and prosperity right now”. Now there it is. When this command is spoken loudly, it becomes your Mantram, or in simple terms, a device used to stimulate your super conscious mind and put it into action.

The “right now” at the end of your command statement says to your super conscious when you want your yearning to be bought to action. It tells the magic genie i.e. your super conscious, to start working straightaway to manifest your wants.

Now that you know your mantram, what you need to do is speak it loudly to yourself all the time, and speak with conviction. Speak as if you are commanding a magic genie to manifest your desires. Speak it aloud when you wake up and before going to sleep. Speak it while gazing in your eyes in the mirror.


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last.

Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”       Zig Ziglar